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Lynne Lundquist Hennessy - President and Founder

Lynne Lundquist Hennessy, President and Founder of ProComm Solutions Inc., brings over 25 years of telecommunications integration and deployment experience to the table.  Certified in products and solutions that include Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, AT&T and Fujitsu, Ms. Hennessy’s knowledge and experience deploying VoIP, PBX and Centrex networks is highly regarded.

Among her list of clients are some of the most influential and successful organizations in the Northeast, including: Verizon Communications, Harvard University, Boston University to name a few.

Earning a Bachelor's Degree from Salem State College in 1985, Ms. Hennessy started her professional career at Fujitsu Business Communications in Customer Service.  Following her time at Fujitsu she worked as an independent consultant on many large projects.

Ms. Hennessy started her first business venture in 1992 as Impact Plus Communications.  While operating as IPC, Lynne represented Verizon on all Tier One deployment projects, and was instrumental in deploying the first ISDN implementation in the Northeast – Harvard University. Ms. Hennessy also spent the period between 2003 and 2004 serving as one of the founding partners of Maestri Consultants Inc. The list of satisfied clients and successful consulting projects has grown over the years, and Ms. Hennessy’s company has grown with them. Now employing a staff of over fifteen highly qualified consultants, the firm is now known as ProComm Solutions Inc.

Thomas J. Hennessey, RCDD, ESS - Principal / Consultant

Mr. Hennessy started his career in the industry with Verizon Communications, over 30 years ago. Assigned to numerous technical and managerial positions throughout his career, Tom developed a broad brush stroke of knowledge, which has served our clients well over the years.

The years following Verizon found Mr. Hennessy becoming more heavily involved in system design, infrastructure engineering and emergency restoration. While working at Lexent Corp., Tom held the position of National Program Manager, overseeing a nationwide wireless site construction project.

The past 5 years of technical growth have also presented Tom with the challenge of become involved in the design and implementation of Electronic Surveillance and Access Control systems.  Earning additional certification from Bicsi® as an ESS©(Electronic Safety and Security Specialist), he is positioned to consult and advise clients on the design, installation and deployment of security and access control systems.

Tom recently worked on two large commercial and retail developments in Metro West, for which he designed the Outside Plant and underground distribution system for all telecommunications utilities serving the facility. Tom is also calling on his inside knowledge of the industry, and utility contacts to successfully manage the transition, coordination and installation of all service provider communications systems into the site.

Mr. Hennessy earned a BS in Business Administration from Eastern Nazarene College in 1996, and is a current and certified RCDD® (Registered Communications Distribution Designer), ESS®  (Electronic Safety and Security Specialist), and a member in good standing of Bicsi® (Building Industry Consultants Services International).

Fred Moscowitz - U.S., New England area

Fred has over 11 years with ProComm Solutions and more than 35 years experience overall in the Telecommunications industry.  Starting as a telephone company Service Rep in the 1980s, he quickly advanced to become a Specialist in Government Services.  Responsible for major, region-wide Centrex and PBX customers, Fred managed the accounts, designed the products, wrote the service orders and billed the customers.  

In the 1990s, Fred advanced again – this time to large customer end-user station designs, training and product support.  He worked with teams installing new systems for Enterprise customers throughout the Northeast.  Eventually, Fred managed the regional-wide group responsible for top-tier clients where he directed a highly skilled, customer-facing team of professionals responsible for interviews, station designs, database development, end-user training and help desk/cutover coverage to Centrex, PBX and VoIP customers throughout 13 states.   When technology or processes didn’t exist, Fred directed efforts to invent them including process vision, writing methods, developing computer systems, creating procedures and composing customized documentation.  In addition to increases to his scope of territory, Fred was recognized with awards for innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Fred continues to provide achievements for ProComm with documentation development and customized presentations as well as delivering end-user training sessions via Webex to customers around the world.

Janice DeCesare - U.S., New England area

Janice has a history of excellence and achievement in the Telecommunications industry.  In the local phone company, Janice compiled performance data and trained operators and supervisors, designed procedures and mentored local schools implementing emergency services, and provided solutions and training to Marketing managers.  As a Business Marketing Specialist, she demonstrated telephones, delivered customized sales and service training workshops, trained new managers and improved performance metrics at industry trade shows.

After joining the ProComm team 12 years ago, Janice is often requested specifically by returning clients. Her specialty is in customer-focused applications both onsite and remote.  She provides expert knowledge to station reviews, database collection, Help Desk, First Day in Service coverage and end-user training. 

Karen Giuntini - U.S., Mid-Atlantic area

Formerly a station reviewer, end-user trainer and contact center specialist, Karen brings years of experience from various telecommunications companies to the ProComm family.   She’s experienced in call center solutions, developing VoIP station designs, database development, coordinating vendors and training end-users.  Effective at increasing communication between user and technical groups, Karen identifies opportunities for improvement and ways to optimize processes and services.


Melissa Poltrino - U.S., New England area

After an outstanding history at another firm, Melissa joined ProComm Solutions 7 years ago. Melissa is an experienced professional with over 30 years of accomplishments in the telecommunications industry.  From being a Service Rep training employees and customers on new telephone equipment to being an Administrator in charge of product development, system design and implementation, Melissa has a proven record of accomplishments in database design, end-user training, customer relationships and team work.

She has been instrumental on many of our largest partner implementations providing onsite, end-user training and First Day in Service support throughout US and Europe.   Melissa was our lead trainer on a recently completed multi-year, major (29000+) VoIP project.

Susan Gianetti - U.S., New England area

Sue joined ProComm 4 years ago after a successful 30-year career with the local telecommunications company.  During that time, Sue developed station designs and delivered training for major customers throughout New England and New York. 

As an experienced professional, Sue developed many station design guidelines and master forms used by several design teams.  Sue also worked with many end-users on complex designs for Auto Attendant/Call Handlers, Call Center applications and unique call coverage applications.  She is an accomplished instructor delivering end-user training sessions for many major customers on Cisco VoIP telephone and voice messaging solutions.

Tricia Camara - U.S., New England area

Our Chief Operating Officer, Tricia, has been with Procomm for 9 years.  Whether it’s company procedures, client invoicing, contacting client HR departments, certifications, payments or purchase orders, Tricia is our go-to expert.

She is also accomplished as an end-user Trainer delivering Webex sessions to customers in the US and around the world.   She has provided exceptional training for major customers is the chemical, biotech and airline industries as well as First Day in Service coverage to customers cutting over to new systems.

Veronica Chilpyian - U.S., New England area

Veronica has been with ProComm Solutions for 10 years and has over 25 years of achievements in the Telecommunications industry.  She has System Administrator certifications on Mitel, NEC, Nortel and Octel systems as well as their various voice messaging platforms.  A seasoned professional for the Cisco VoIP Unified Communications product line, Veronica is often assigned as the team ‘s station design leader on projects with full responsibility for gathering (and leading other designers) all end-user data requirements used to create the programming database.  

Veronica has been instrumental in the success of numerous projects providing onsite, end-user training and First Day of Service support throughout the US.  She also provides exceptional service as a help desk representative for some of our largest clients by managing calls during major cutovers, assisting customers to resolve issues and providing leadership and follow-up for escalations when routing issues for resolution.  Her strengths include customer advocacy and support – she is extremely effective in interpreting customer needs and matching those needs to the available system features.  

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